[Development Release] Fedora/CentOS Pinebook Pro Images

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[Development Release] Fedora/CentOS Pinebook Pro Images

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After my recent posts on various social media platforms there was interested showed in test driving some of the images I have been working on. I have now decided that I have roughed out enough of an image to make available to the public. I plan on building and deploying a custom repo with my RPMs I have built with various Pinebook Pro related fixes and tweaks in the near future. Install and expand the partition as usual.

Note: This is an early `pre-release` if you will. I only have a ANSI based Pinebook Pro so that is the only device this has been tested on.

Fedora 32 Workstation:
Download Link

CentOS 8 Server with GUI:
Download Link

Known Issues:
CentOS: Screen brightness function key not working, works in Fedora :?
Fedora: Shutdown PackageKit Daemon takes 1.5mins, thought I fixed this...
Fine One? Report It!

To Do:
Fix kernel packing to more closely resemble Fedora/CentOS Official RPMs
Fix Plymouth boot screen?

Please if you find any bugs, tweaks, have comments, or suggestions feel free to drop them here!


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Re: [Development Release] Fedora/CentOS Pinebook Pro Images

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